The Most Successful Ones Go Over the Top

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      1b6I was PDQ’d on my pre-screen for a thyroid condition that I was diagnosed with when I was 19, but I no longer have it. Would I be able to send in another pre-screen after a certain period of lapsed time that states that I don’t have it? Or will the old pre-screen always be on record? I was going to join the marines, but now I’m seeing if I can join any branch at this point.

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      Your quilting is beautiful! I love how everyone's swirls come out a little differently, like a signature. For me, the straight lines weren't so easy to quilt — and neither were the curved ones, but that's why I'm doing this challenge in the first place!Can I ask, what's a "flimsy?" I've never heard that term before.

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      Although being digital nomad is tempting on one hand, I would not choose this lifestyle because I think that for family with kids (which I plan to have) it is better to live at one place which can be called “home”. But being independent from my full time job is my dream too. falco´s last [type] ..[]

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      I love World Market. When I get a post-college big girl apartment I can’t wait to hit up World Market to buy all kinda of fun decorations for it! I could also browse the food part for hours, so many interesting food finds.Those pictures of you and Olivia are adorable, the expressions on her face are too cute!

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      Lately I’ve been feeling really weird about post-match dark shows. Last night’s was a FIVE-WAY HELL IN A CELL FOR THE TITLE, with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagget thrown in to be immediately pinned. That is a thing that happened!Now WWE asks the Kansas City fans to purchase a three-way HiaC match this Sunday directly after showing Cena decisively win a five-way one. This management is dumb as shit.

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      NO to him!<br />B: ….<br /><br />Next day, A put a note in front of his desk, saying….<br />&quot;Look, drunkie, you been coming in here every day, stinking up<br />the joint with your craziness. Now, what the hell is wrong with<br />you?&quot;<br />&quot;I got no heart! Because a she-devil stole it!&quot;

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      Hallo,laut den Downgrade-Richtlinien von Microsoft benötigst Du eine Version, die bereits einen Lizenzschlüssel enthält, der dann manuell von einem Mitarbeiter in einen Aktivierungscode für Windows 7 Professional gewandelt wird. Eine Testversion hat ja keinen Lizenzschlüssel, somit sollte es zumindest rechtlich nicht funktionieren.

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      hehe I’m sure they had fun!… and the fan is so Lucky to have met them!… and hahaha its funny how we all link it to other couples when they cry!.. but also we can’t help it LOL…. its like a preparation for us but for me I don’t think I’ll be prepared… because even if I like the new pair… they were my first love ^_^ …

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      THIS ALSO mentions the nations, the JEWS, the everybody:On the gates were written the names of the twelve TRIBES of ISRAEL. 13 There were three gates on the east, three on the north, three on the south and three on the west. 14The wall of the city had twelve FOUNDATIONS (church), and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.Israel AND the Church is MENTIONED here, not the muslims, that you LOVE so damned much, the ones who ARE the ‘anti-Christ’—-WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

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      Me gustaría que me envíen las bases para la convocatoria del Salón de Arte Textil 2013.Muchas GraciasAna PaulaRTA. Hola Ana Paula, todavia no están disponibles. Te agregamos al mailing del Museo así te llega la info más adelante, por marzo del año próximo. Gracias por contactarte con nosotros, Paola.-

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      Also… as for the CCA blog… camo glock? Interesting… never seen a finish like that.Be kind of nice to pick up a Glock 30 and 21 in that finish… hrm… oh well.How does the porting really affect a glock? Not the external porting like is shown on that one, but where the porting is done at the end of the slide (don’t know if that is the right way to say it, but I am sure you know what I mean). I’ve just heard that it increases flare and noise, and as a result I would rather have a bit more flip…

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      A $25 tax on a gun costing several hundred to thousands of dollars isn’t going to get challenged.A tax or even an outright ban on the sale bullets may not be unconstitutional because they’re not “arms” (and can at least in theory be home made).And of course with governments scrambling to “cut budgets” by taxing citizens more (thus increasing government income, making the deficit appear smaller temporarilly, hopefully until after the next elections), there’ll be little opposition from the street on another “tax for the rich” (after all, everyone knows just rich people play with guns).

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      Aw, but what of the negative echoes? When we are televised speaking with legislators as if we believe that they care about folks, or that what we have to say matters to them, are we making waves that say “this is a democratic society” or “these are the proper channels to launch a complaint?” Perhaps to many we are saying “we don’t get it that this doesn’t work, we do not understand the anti-democratic nature of these means and aren’t yet capable in being allies in a true struggle?”

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      Poétáim, válaszra várok:Vajjon a kedves ideálok,Kiket, hogy vezekeljetek,Titokban megverseltetekS imádjátok rajongva s égve,Nem ejtettek sok-sok hibát,S nyelvünket – nem a franciát -Nem törték bájosan kerékbe?S ajkukon az eltanult nem anyanyelvvé alakult? A nÅ‘k és a a nyelv témakör Puskin interpretációjában…

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      I have to admit that the role of deputies is unclear, and as you say, smacks somewhat of ‘jobs for the boys’. I don’t principally disagree with having a deputy, in as much as I don’t in principal disagree with this election at all, I just fear that it will become just another abused and vague position that allows those with the political will and motivation to push their agenda the edge over those people who would like to see change but are unaware or unable to express their opinion.

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      praying for a little stillness over your heart and mind. you’re in a very frustrating situation within an extremely emotional, stressful journey. Use this time to renew and refresh to be strong for Abby when she returns. pray, and God be with you as you do, Brent.

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      Doug..I don't find anything to disagree with you on. I think what you raised is an important point. What I was trying to imagine with Boenhoffer was would it mean for God to be in the center of life of knowledge, etc? Certainly God is with us in other situations as well but what I want to avoid is placing God *only* in places where knowledge ends, human powers give out, etc. Keith…thanks for the article..yeah I got nurtured on Dewey, Wieman, and Ames at SIU, not something easily found today in schools. And ironically enough Boston Personalism which I get to continue to work on at CTS 🙂

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      Matt, I gather if you do fly it is not for business purposes. I deal with manufacturing plants across the US and some in Mexico and fly myself to locations that are not served well by the airlines and take too long to get to driving. Flying has helped me grow my business by being able to cover more ground in the same available time. This has been especially crucial as our manufacturing base in the US has been shrinking. My sales are rising while others are shrinking. Yes there is a direct relationship to business activity and flying in my case.

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      Only you could pull off the 80's!!! I can't say the pants or jeans do it for me,but the shirt & skirt are pretty cool!! I laugh when I see girls out in their 80's styles,thinking they are soooo hip!!Been there,done that indeed!! I am very grateful I was a Goth,though.Snow wash denim simply wasn't on my radar!!LOVE Helga xxxXXXxxx

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      .…painful as it is for jobs, capacity must come out of the system…Whoa – a moratorium on building – They could always do one of those agricultural subsidy deals where they PAY a farmer not to plant a crop….Or…before you can build a new sensible 1500 sq. ft. starter home you must tear down a Mc Mansion?

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      75 heures semaines et 1100 euros ? j’aimerais bien que vous m’éclairiez sur ce que vous faites pour gagner 3,6 euros net de l’heure avec un SMIC a 6,95 net.Soit dit en passant, j’aurais aimé que mes profs fassent les ponts, parce que j’ai plus tendance à me rappeler de ceux que je n’ai PAS eu quand j’étais petit.

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      Robert, I hear you and agree to an extent. I still see the odds as being pretty heavily against it, though. For it to work, I think there would need to be a third team that a) Will give Hennigan what he wants.b) Wants Bynum, because I don’t think Hennigan does.Also, I think getting Lin will further motivate Morey to get Howard to Houston, and I can’t see Buss signing off on it unless Howard will sign an extension, and I don’t think he will.

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      The new Zune cute blue mittens free browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

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      As free as texting is too many, and as many as have cell phones, I'd like a 2nd layer of authentication for sensitive sites, like banks, to text me a unique string to enter on their site that expires in, say, 5 minutes. So unless my account phone # was compromised (and it shouldn't be stored online in the same database anyway) then I can have 2 factor authentication that also stays secure even if keylogged one time.

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      This is such a wonderful way to use your beautiful talent for these animals! I’m sure your work is going to help them all find loving homes that much faster. Having just adopted my own little Derby, I can vouch for how rewarding it is to adopt! Gorgeous images. ps. Did you approach the pspca with your volunteering idea or are you doing this as part of a volunteer organization? I would love to become involved around my area. Any tips??

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      Je pense qu’il y a toujours possibilité de baiser en étant célibataire sans nécessairement avoir de one night. Le sexe est beaucoup plus agréable quand tu connais les préférences de ton ou ta partenaire, donc je ne vois pas ce qu’il y a d’intéressant dans les one night et pourquoi c’est rendu si populaire pour les célibataires.

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      « C’est une pratique classique dans les “civilisations” primitives. Les garçons ont une “valeur”, pas les filles. »Faux en ce qui concerne les sociétés matriacales y comprisEt qu’entendez-vous par « société primitive » (non états-unienne? non européenne? non occidentale?)

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      I used Nacho Cheese Doritos, but I’m sure any flavor would do. Also instead of putting them on the bottom of the pan I put them in a separate dish on the table. Then I warmed the mixture and put it into bowls. That way the Doritos stayed crunchy and the boys enjoyed dipping. I have also seen this recipe used as an appetizer with ground beef instead of chicken. If your daughter tries it please let me know what she thinks!!

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      OMG. This is JUST the type of things I love. I tell my husband I want one of those giant farm kitchens and pantries so I could have all these things… should see me in one of those kitchen stores. My family has to drag me out.I am still eyeing the donut maker..or maybe the whip cream dispenser….no, wait, the apple baker…

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      Chris, great interview. You really asked the right questions too.Ann…”Based upon his own words, Sherrod Brown is still unwilling to even acknowledge the tensions he helped create and unwilling to validate the legitimate anger of so many. But this post does not need to impugn his character to demonstrate his faults.”…and this is why I can’t vote for the guy. Well put.

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      Haha, skruttkatten! ^__^ Du borde ju lägga upp hela klippet när han hÃ¥ller pÃ¥ och petar pÃ¥ kameran.Jag var nyfiken pÃ¥ Winterbottom men intresset svalnade efter demot. Hjärnan orkar inte!Och ja, helbra konsert. Jag har nÃ¥gra filmklipp och tyvärr inte sÃ¥ mÃ¥nga bilder. Middagen innan var ju grym med 35 pers som kom 😀

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      I don't intend to dissuade anyone from reading Callahan. I've learned a couple things from him. Unfortunately I can't remember what those things are.I expect I have a much higher opinion of data and a lower opinion of therapy than you, because I've found nothing of value from TLP.Funny that the Chicago (where I live!) article states that the gangs formed a group called "Black United Voters of Chicago", but in the picture up top the tattooed person is, of course, rather melanin-deficient.

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      you. I’m sick of people continuously confusing Religion and the Bible. The Bible has remained unchanged—it’s the interpretations that have changed. Don’t devalue the Bible because a group of people want to make their own definitions every time they feel like it.

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      Ditto, Ditto, Ditto.I can’t add anymore: i feel you have summed it up very well and precisely.After 36yrs in the hospital system I am at my wits end. And a manager suggests that i could improve my attitude to the workplace (you could imagine my reply).My god, what sort of monster has the government created?? One that has a bureaucrats mouth with an insatiable appetite for the health care dollar.Why don’t we put the word “health” back into where the money is being spent

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      MaxDrei’s and Gerontius’ comments show how difficult it is to remain objective when you are served well. Of course in some technical fields things work fine, but does that allow a general conclusion about workload control?Apparently there is now a concentration on search and because of BEST many examiners are available for doing searches. However examination and oppositions are suffering: how else can an average of a 50 months (!) delay in dealing with oppositions (official EPO figure) be explained?

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      Lasse Lundeberg skriver: Trist. Även om man kan förstÃ¥ hästarbetet med att hÃ¥lla ordning pÃ¥ alla kommentarer samt att vissa av dessa ger dÃ¥lig smak i munnen, sÃ¥ är denna Ã¥tgärd ytterligare ett bevis pÃ¥ det glapp som finns mellan etablerade tyckare och folket. 1-0 till folket. Tyvärr. 2  4

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      – Len, you totally rocked this wedding. I love how the bridal party looks like they are floating in water in the group shots. The angle and perspective totally rules. Don’t get me started on the intimate B&W images of the B&G!!! Love, love, love!!! Especially the large B&W vertical June 21, 2011 – 2:18 pm

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      Hallo, ich benutze nichts mehr drive-now. Ich wohne in Hadern in München, aber das ist leider kein Geschäftsgebiet. Aber das ist schon München. Das ist absolut unpraktisch. Muss ich fahren nach andere Gebiet das Auto abgebenLeider. Ich mochte mich anmelden bei andere Firma.Mfg. Mammadov

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      rispondendo alla tua domanda direi non lo so, piuttosto i sindacati e i politici che a spada tratta hanno difeso marchionne, accettando il pacco a scatola chiusa, loro che mestiere fanno? non è sia una giustificazione per chi ha votato si al referendum, ma siamo stati tutti sotto padrone e forse un po’ di ” comprensione” ci potrebbe stare…(forse e sottolineo forse). Marchionne stando a napoli ha imparato bene il famoso pacco, doppiopacco e contropaccotto! che schifo!

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      march / October 30, 2008nit-picking or not: me too, I think, BSD would have taken over this role, or even some stripped down Darwin / NeXTstep (less likely some OS/2 + BSD ports; the internet needed some portable OS). After all: the first http server and browser ran on top of NeXT.I remember an article in ’93, shortly before Linux “exploded”, describing the first 386 ports of BSD evolved – whatever people think today: there always were alternatives to todays well-known big players.Reply

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      According to the Pew Hispanic Center, illegal immigrants constitute 14 percent of construction workers. Some estimates conclude that unauthorized workers comprise an estimated 22 to 36 percent of the construction industry workforce. These are jobs traditionally proudly done bynative born working class people and students.

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      LOL! Oh no! E. Duly noted. No group hugs for E. When I met Ib (in real life) I didn’t know if she was a hugger or not, so I kind of stood there and waited. I’ve learned to do that! Hugging = not necessarily the desired way to show connection. But then Ib hugged me! Will have to ask her about group hugs, but not with you, E. Hey Ib – group hug? Um, with someone other than E?

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      Dominguez, mo’ tu….Te lo spiego io il pensiero di Sinistra Unita (sono il loro esegeta semi-ufficiale…. ma non sempre ci azzecco perchè poi arrivano le loro smentite e le contro-smentite e le nuove interpretazioni e re-interpretazioni…): per risistemare i buchi nelle strade PRIMA bisogna fare il perimetro di un luogo geometrico (cioè del buco), POI si procede con la brecciolina e con l’asfalto….Insomma, dal teorico al pratico: come vedi quelli di Sinistra Unita sono maestri!!!

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      Oj,oj sÃ¥ jag krÃ¥nglar till det! Ber om ursäkt för det. Nu har försökt pÃ¥ nytt…tyvärr kommer kommentarerna med i mitt inlägg. Om det inte ska vara sÃ¥, ta bort mig bara:) Jag fÃ¥r nog inte till det pÃ¥ bättre sätt än sÃ¥ här!Hälsar Helena

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      the idea or theme of listening and really the act of listening has come to the forefront for us the last month or two,so we have a lot of appreciation for this post. we hope to turn away more and more from the kind of listening where we’re formulating our next response and turn towards the listening,as you say,where we have ‘an encounter with the Other,’peace to you

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      Hallo Ami Li Misaki,Schön dass du auf meinen Blog gefunden hast und an meinem ersten Gewinnspiel teilnimmst Der Schreibstil ist für mich auch sehr wichtig, er muss mich faszinieren, mich umhüllen, mich berühren…Danke für deinen Kommentar & deinen tollen Blogbeitrag!Ein schönen Sonntag wünsche ich & vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche!mirjam

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      Candidatura mea din partea USL pentru funcţia de primar al Sectorului 2 a fost susţinută moral, financiar și strategic de către preşedintele demis al organizaţiei PNL din Sector 2, domnul Dan-Cristian Popescu cât şi prin activitatea intensă a membrilor organizaţiilor TNL şi OFL din PNL sector 2. Alături de aceștia puțini seniori au arătat dăruire și dorința de victorie, însă efortul tuturor mi-a asigurat un procent destul de bun. Ce s-ar fi intamplat daca cu totii arătau dăruire și dorința de câstig ?

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      Thanks Carey. I was told that urban legend about the amphitheater when about 30 years ago when I visited family near Balmoral. I love Eddy’s definition of “DAY. The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love” (page 584 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures). How could *that* ever come to an end?

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      No i dobrze. Ja, jak wiesz, jestem gruby i mogłoby nam być ciasno. A skoro już jesteśmy w temacie, to ciekawe, że im się nawet nie chciało schować tej rury. Czy myślisz że to tak specjalnie? Żeby nikomu nie przyszło do głowy sądzić, że profesjonalizm jest nie tam gdzie głosi fama?

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      Very heartfelt, Mr. Spakovsky! You're father is a true hero and his strength is in you and your remarkable work! Thank you so much for sharing this powerful yet precious story! God Bless you and your family and Merry Christmas. Peace on earth and good will to mankind!

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      dit Renaud Machard a été lui même interprète et spécialiste avisé de musique ancienne et à ce titre il peut, comme beaucoup d’autres, trouver que Vivaldi a le défaut de son trop grand succès, écrivez-vous.Trop grand succès ?En tout cas, pas sur

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      MB,I never accepted putting people's heads in sand bags, or blinders to sensory deprive them.This art indicates that bagging was outlawed in 1972, but i wonder if this is a European union rule or something else.?Any input?Avedis,We can't shoot them unless they can come up with money to pay for the cartridge, which they can't do. So maybe we should start some slave labor plants so that they can do so.We can do this in Poland ,and call it Living History. Sorta.We can use Latvian volunteers.jim

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      The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

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      I love the idea of KidMin Social Media Evangelist. Right now I do most of that with our blog that updates twitter, which updates facebook (sounds like a crazy game of telephone) four times a week. Here's the breakdown of what we do each week: Monday – Recap of what we did this past weekend.Tuesday – Top 1 or 5 events for families to keep on their radar.Wednesday – A parenting tip/resource (usually something from Orange or – Encouraging tweet about the importance of parents/CM/volunteers I really liked your hear more about how you use events to connect people with your facebook page.

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      Gosto do Kubica, mas temo que com um carro regular nas mãos, como a BMW aparenta ser ele se torne um Prost.Se bem que com esta regra imbecil criada pelos imbecis que não vou nomear , de que adiantaria ser um Prost?A não ser claro pela sorte que o francês narigudo(redundancia isto) tinha.

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      Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

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      The Adadas bag reminds me of the Armani silk ties we bought my cunado in Hong Kong. They were brand Armani………….until you looked close and in fine print it did not say Giorgio but rather Armando or something as silly…..but they were silk, just silk without the Italian middle man!Speaking of that, the Chinese are famous for eliminating the middle man! (ie inventors and brands) Chavez government just creates more middlement and it’s not just ministers….he lets the Chinese in the middle. How ironic in a weird kinda way.

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      * Between Naps on the Porch *  C.R.A.F.T. *  Sew Can Do *  Craft-O-Maniac *  Sumo’s Sweet Stuff *  The Dedicated House *  One Creative Mommy *  Home Stories A 2 Z *  Today’s Creative Blog *  Savvy Southern Style *  The Shabby Creek Cottage *  House of Hepworths *

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      First!just finished watching the episode and i couldn't agree more about the whole idea of needless voting on the biggest looser. many of these shows really do not require this extra element, and in my opinion suffer for it. I used to watch the British season of master chef when it was on daytime tv and thus was a little dismayed to discover the whole needless voting element being added to the australian version. now the show is less about the cooking and more about the scheming and peoples feelings about this shit rather then a quality show where the contestants battle using their cooking skills.

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      presidenta republiky je mimořádnÄ› nekvalitní. NÄ›které tam uvádÄ›né these by si zasloužily podrobnÄ›jší rozbor, napÅ™. “Zákon, který by tak učinil, by byl nepochybnÄ› protiústavní. Moc zákonodárná by se vměšovala do kompetencí moci výkonné, zamezila by tvorbÄ› vůle prezidenta republiky a jeho uvážení o jednotlivých kandidátech a znemožnila by výkonné moci využití jedné z pojistek vůči moci soudní.” Nejsme ve Francii, nýbrž v “Anglii”. Exekutiva je podřízena legislativÄ›. Nemáme dÄ›lbu moci, nýbrž parlamentní (westminsterský) systém.

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      They can be ‘trojan horses’. They appear to be websites that poll credit agencies and find out what shape you’re credit in. But, to get that report you must give them sensitive personal information which they then use to market things to you, or sell to other internet marketers. BEWARE.

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      is the maximum rent allowance which is £ 525.00 per fortnight and my rent is over £ 1515.00 per calender month, which leaves a big gap between the housing benefit and the rent I have to pay so if I could get the maximum rent rebate it would stop me from having to pay my rent with my disability benefit! Please advise if there is anything I can do.

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      Motherhood is such a challenging job isn't it Garcia? It's true when we hv kids of multiple ages who have very different interest and personality we need to work extra hard to meet their needs. Let's continue to encourage each other as we walk along this path of motherhood 🙂

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      C’est donc du pick you own … ou du pull practice ou du push_and_share_community …çà paraît intéressant.D’autant plus si c’est rémunéré…Reste à savoir, comme dans tout cas d’hébergement par un hôte tiers, si toutes les conventions concernant la sécurité des données (délais de restauration en cas de crash etc … respect des droits d’auteur et autres copyrights), … seront respectées.

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      Ratchet logic (all directions lead to his conclusion), ideological scientists, crisis adds to funding, and the sense of opportunity by socialists that they could use it as a lever to gain central control. Global warming is nonsense. Even if true, we would more likely benefit from it. Global COLD is MORE likely and way more dangerous.

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      Glad you’ve got some better perspective on the race today. From a spectator/volunteer standpoint it was awesome watching you do your thing! Just focus on the amazing swim and bike you had as well as what is in your future! I’ll be hoping we see you back here in Georgia next year for the Irongirl and/or HIM!Best wishes,Pam

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      …”zdradzieccy księża źle kończą z wrogami KK”… Oj – rak, Krzysztofie. Zdradzieckie to niekiedy bywają skurwysyny i „wrogów” KK rade wykańczają … Ale z drugiej strony – sacra i „powołanie” reprezentantów Elohima na ziemi [płaskiej jak twój łeb, katomatole]

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      And then, there’s another challenge: how much deeper can we go into interior conflicts and other such things, and still satisfy a reader who IS looking for genre reading? My daily question — at least, for my cozy series. But there are other stories in my little head … .Looking forward to the new book.Like? 0

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      Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I’ve noticed that Gruden has replaced ‘This guy’ with ‘This [Firstname Lastname]‘. Like so:“This Charles Tillman…”If he was clearly told to stop saying ‘This guy’, I wonder how they arrived at this new, overtly specific, solution? How many ESPN staffers did it take to some up with it? Did they work in shifts? Or, do you think This Jon Gruden pulled it out after one of his patented all-nighters in his office?

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      – Jesus taught to turn the other cheek, Paul taught to respect authority and those in leadership positions. Most Christian denominations teach that God is in control. Few spend time in Esther — perhaps because His name is not mentioned in that book, or because the plot was thwarted by a strong defense.Thanks, Daniel, for once again expressing so well what we know.

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      Lisa · Tracey, your critical appraisals are always so polished and skillfully written. Your assessment of “The American” makes me want to very much see it (so many intriguing components and alterations). Such a naturally talented, smart and witty writer you are.

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      5. å› æ­¤,多數人和少數人滿足其各自的文化偏好的重要性之間,並不會因為一個是多數一個是少數而有重要性的差別,那麼,當一個社會中的少數人為了滿足自己的文化偏好而必須付出更多成本時,這顯然不是一個正義的資源分配。自由市場會淘汰什麼,這只是一個實然的現象,並沒有辦法導出你的應然命題:「少數人的文化偏好不應該受到資源的重新分配」(恕我如此翻譯你的主張,因為在我看來你就是如此主張)。6. 也就是說,按照你這篇文章的推論,事實上任何少數族群為了維持自己身為少數族群的特質(如原住民的生活習慣/同性戀的親密關係模式……ç­‰),而要求政府提供文化上或生活形態上的保護,例如原住民自治、例如反性傾向歧視……ç­‰。畢竟,身為同性戀者,並非嚴格意義上的「必須如此生活」;而原住民當然也非嚴格意義上的「必須如此生活」;甚至,即使我們可以在科學上發現證據指出「同性戀是由於生理上或其它方面的因素而『å¿…é ˆ』依賴此種親密關係模式」,也無法排除「有某些同性戀者並非因為任何因素而『å¿…é ˆ』依賴此種親密關係模式,而是『自己選擇』實踐此種親密關係」,而這也無法導出「那些『自己選擇』的人就不值得政府的保護」。然而這些保護都「å¿…é ˆ」由多數人的稅金來負擔。

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      Lavande, sur ces blogs, où il y a tant d’informations, nous lisons tous très rapidement et comprenons plus ou moins bien ce que nous lisons. D’où, sans être sourds, tant de malentendus ! Vous, en revanche, vous semblez très concentrée dans votre manière de lire. Mes félicitations ! C’est un gage de générosité et de grande attention aux autres. Sinon, juste un « r » dans mon nom…BàV

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      Estou chocada com os comentários anteriores! É claro que ninguém defende a irresponsabilidade dos condutores ou dos passageiros sem cinto. A morte de alguém famoso toca-nos sempre, mesmo que não seja pessoa das nossas relações pessoais. Os demais, lamento, são estatísticas. Que a morte de Angélico seja um dado a favor da diminuição dessas estatísticas e não uma oportunidade para certas manifestações de traumas recalcados. Teresa S.

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      That is a lovely picture of Squashies at the Rainbow Bridge. Mom has been crying a lot about her having to leave. We here believe in the Rainbow Bridge as it is described in the poem and shown in your picture- not a Bridge that the pet crosses when it dies, but a wonderful place where he or she waits for their beloved human and that they cross eventually together.

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      I have heard all that *hate the sin, love the sinner* bullshit I can stand… Forgiveness is one thing, this son of a bitch, AND his church, are nothing more than duplicitous hypocrites… Forgive the sinner and the sinner goes forth to sin no more?? Great…This son of a bitch went to church on Sunday and back to his murderous abortion clinic on Monday… Screw him and ANY so-called Christians that carry on in this manner, they are, quite simply, hypocrites…

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      Excellent article. Tip #2 Rocked and has already been implemented. However, when I tried to implement #3 for our band page, I was not able to export the events. Essentially, What I would like to do is, every time I create a FB event (Gig) I want the event to automatically populate on the Band’s Google Calendar. Do you know of anyway to implement this? Here is the FB page in question.

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      WRM started the take all right but he soon slipped when he raphosidizes about Mr. Burnett, a clueless Obama groupy and a yes person who tows the party line. I saw plenty of her when she was at CNBC and on few occasions in my L.A Gym that carries mainly the Obama channel-CNN. She is pathetic. I like to read WRM, often, utterly unedited, but this is Ms. Burnett number is way over the top. She was O.K for Bloomberg where she came from, but CNN is wasting their resources on such mediana.

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